Key management Solutions

Author: Lambert, T.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304
Pub Date: 08/12/1997
ISBN: 9780273635307
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Quick overview 50 leading-edge solutions to executive problems
Product description

KEY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS 50 leading-edge solutions to executive problems For every business challenge there is a smart executive solution. Ask yourself this. Faced with a strategic choice, a new initiative to implement or a complex project to run, what challenges do you need to overcome? To build the right strategy, to set the right goals, to make the project happen - the answer is simple. Arm yourself with the right management solution. Key Management Solutions will give you the solutions that you need to make and impact, make it happen or simply make it right. This is an enabling book. It enables busy executives in any sector to make the right things happen without having to turn to external consultancy support. Key Management Solutions is your companion to human resourcefulness.
Each of the 50 management solutions in this book is designed to: * make a significant impact on achieving your goals * pay for itself in a reasonable and pre-determined time * be explained clearly and quickly to colleagues and teams * be ready to useWith this book you can explore and apply a new range of practical business tools, covering: Behaviour at work Team-building Leadership Problem-solving and decision-making Financial management Marketing tools and models Sales management Organisational culture Training and development Key Management Solutions is a partner volume to tom Lambert's Key Management Questions. About the Author Tom Lambert is an international author, broadcaster, consultant, trainer, conference speaker and business journalist who is called, in America, "the world's friendliest guru". In Europe and Southern Africa his books and seminars have led him to be called by the quality press, "the consultant's consultant". He is the author of Key Management Solutions, The Power of Influence and High Income Consulting. You can connect with Tom at and

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