Keeper: A Book About Memory, Identity, Isolation, Wordsworth and Cake

Author: GILLIES, A.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 20/05/2010
Publisher: Short Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781906021993
Availability: In stock
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Quick overview Andrea Gillies' brilliantly cogent investigations into the way Alzheimer's works are interwoven with her mother-in-law's unravelling grasp on reality.
Product description

Can our personalities be taken away from us? Are memory and identity mutually dependent? What exactly is the soul? Three years ago, Andrea Gillies, a writer and mother of three, took on the care of her mother-in-law Nancy, who was in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease. This newly extended family moved to a big Victorian house on a headland in the far, far north of Scotland, where the author failed to write a novel and Nancy, her disease accelerated by change, began to move out of the rational world and into dementia's alternative reality. This book is a journal of life in this wild location, in which Gillies tracks Nancy's unravelling grasp on everything that we think of as ordinary, and interleaves her own brilliantly cogent investigations into the way Alzheimer's works. For the family at the centre of this drama, the learning curve was steeper and more interesting than anyone could have imagined.

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