Jean-Jacques Beineix

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Pub Date: 13/12/2001
ISBN: 9780719055331
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Quick overview This volume examines the films of Jean-Jacques Beineix. His work is placed within the context of the 1980's and each film is discussed in detail, including the controversies surrounding them, while attempting to analyze the films for their intrinsic interest.
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This volume is the first to examine, in either French or English, the films of Jean-Jacques Beineix, often seen as the best example of the 1980s cinema du look, with cult films, such as Diva and Betty Blue (37 * 2 le matin) .. After an introduction which places Beineix in the context of the 1980s and the arguments centering on a postmodern cinema, the volume devotes a chapter to each of Beineix's feature films, including the film which marked his return to feature film making after a break of a decade, Mortel Transfert (2001). Prefaced by an excellent foreword by the director himself, which includes a broad condemnation of French critics. Includes many illustrations direct from the director's own collection, complementing the interviews Powrie made with him and his collaborators.

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