Involving Parents

Author: Stern J
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 112
Pub Date: 02/10/2003
ISBN: 9780826470713
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Quick overview Dealing with parents is often harder than dealing with pupils, and can cause anxiety and distress amongst teachers. Stern offers practical advice on how to involve parents with school life so as to improve relations and thereby alleviating the stress and reduce the teacher's workload.
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Classmates is an exciting series launched in September 2003 from Continuum. Packed with practical advice, and written in a witty and accessible style, these essential guides will tackle all the key aspects of teaching. As teacher's experience an increasingly heavy workload and take on extra responsibilities, both inside and outside of the curriculum, these short pithy guides are designed specifically to reach the needs of those with a hectic lifestyle, Classmates will be every teacher's key companion and a must for every school staffroom.

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