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    Investigators: High-rise Hijinks: A Laugh-out-loud Comic Book Adventure For World Book Day 2024!

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    ISBN: 9781035034864
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    AuthorGreen, John Patrick
    Pub Date15/02/2024
    Publisher: UNKNOWN
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    Join crime fighting duo Mango and Brash for a special World Book Day adventure, with black-and white-illustrations!

    Crack the case with Mango and Brash in InvestiGators: High-Rise Hijinks, a laugh-out-loud special World Book Day adventure with black-and-white illustrations! This comic book series by John Patrick Green is perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey.

    'Fast, fabulous, and fantastically funny, the InvestiGators books are instant classics!' - Jamie Smart, creator of Bunny vs Monkey.

    A mysterious figure has robbed the bank - but it's not just the money that's gone missing, the whole building has disappeared! - and it's up to secret agents Mango and Brash to go undercover and solve the mystery.

    Armed with super hi-tech spy technology, the InvestiGators are on the tail of Dr Doodledoo - a fowl scientist who also happens to be a giant chicken! But are they clucking up the wrong tree?

    The InvestiGators series is a hit with all readers of ages and covers positive themes like:
    - Fun teamwork
    - Never giving up
    - Pesky problem-solving

    Collect all the books in the hilarious series of graphic novels for kids, each one packed with brilliant colour artwork! InvestiGators, InvestiGators: Take the Plunge, InvestiGators: Off the Hook and tons more - and don't miss Agents of S.U.I.T., the spin off series featuring Mango and Brash's colourful coworkers!