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Introduction to Policing Research: Taking Lessons from Practice

Author: Tong, Stephen
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 246
Pub Date: 03/12/2015
ISBN: 9781138013292
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Product description

The expansion of degrees and postgraduate qualifications on policing has come hand in hand with the need for a more scholarly and research-based approach to the subject. Students are increasingly encouraged to apply research to practice and this book is specifically designed to bring clarity to the concept of empirical research in policing. As an introduction to the theoretical explanations and assumptions that underpin the rationale of research design in policing, this book clearly illustrates the practical and ethical issues facing empirical research in a policing context, as well as the limitations of such research. Introduction to Policing Research brings together a range of leading scholars who have a wide range of experience conducting police research. Topics covered include: * professional development, * police culture, * policing protests, * private policing, * policing and diversity, * policing in transition, * policing and mental health, * policing and sensitive issues. This book is perfect for undergraduate and graduate students on policing degrees, as well as graduate students and researchers engaged with criminal justice.
It is also essential reading for police officers taking professional and academic qualifications.

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