Introduction to Plant Pathology

Author: Strange, Richard N.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 480
Pub Date: 17/10/2003
ISBN: 9780470849736
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Tutor: Alec Forsyth
Department: School of Human & Life Sciences
Quick overview This book provides a clearly written introduction to plant pathology. It includes integrated coverage of the molecular biology of plant disease, emphasizing the importance of plant diseases by showing how they can threaten crops.
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This invaluable resource introduces the eleven types of organism that cause plant disease, ranging from higher plants to viroids and describes examples of cash and staple crop diseases that have caused human catastrophes. Early chapters cover serological and molecular techniques for the diagnosis of plant pathogens, epidemiology, methods for estimating disease severity and its effect on crop yields and techniques for limiting inoculum. Later chapters are concerned with colonisation of the plant and symptom development and the underlying biochemical and genetic factors that control these events. Finally, the control of plant disease using a variety of techniques including genetic modification is discussed.

Modern diagnostic techniques
Epidemiology and the measurement of disease severityThe biochemistry and molecular biology of plant diseaseControl through cultural, biological, genetic and molecular techniquesA wealth of examples and applications including full colour photographs

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