Introduction to Criminal Psychology 2ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 504
Pub Date: 05/09/2017
ISBN: 9781138650961
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Tutor: Katja Hallenberg
Department: School of Law, Criminal Justice & Computing
Quick overview Revised edition of the author's An introduction to criminal psychology, [2013]
Product description

This book offers a clear, up-to-date, comprehensive, and theoretically-informed introduction to criminal psychology, exploring how psychological explanations and approaches can be integrated with other perspectives drawn from evolutionary biology, neurobiology, sociology, and criminology. Drawing on examples from around the world, it considers different types of offences from violence and aggression to white collar and transnational crime, and links approaches to explaining crime with efforts to prevent crime and to treat and rehabilitate offenders.
This revised and expanded second edition offers a thorough update of the research literature and includes several new features, including: * Detailed international case studies setting the scene for each chapter, promoting real world understanding of the topics under consideration * A fuller range of crime types covered, with new chapters on property offending and white collar, corporate and environmental crime * Detailed individual chapters exploring prevention and rehabilitation, previously covered in a single chapter in the first edition * An array of helpful features including learning objectives, review and reflect checkpoints, annotated lists of further reading, and two new features: 'Research in Focus', and 'Criminal Psychology Through Film' This textbook is essential reading for upper undergraduate students enrolled in courses on psychological criminology, criminal psychology, and the psychology of criminal behaviour. Designed with the reader in mind, student-friendly and innovative pedagogical features support the reader throughout.

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