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Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods 3ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 274
Pub Date: 17/11/2019
ISBN: 9780335248193
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Product description

The text is a comprehensive guide to the most commonly used theories and methods in social work practice. The introductory chapter covers the similarities and differences between a theory and a method, as well as psychosocial theories and concepts. Each subsequent chapter then explores in detail how to implement theories and methods, their strengths and limitations, alongside case examples, critical thinking questions and suggested further resources.

Key features:

* Illustrative case studies
* Exercises
* Case examples
* Critical thinking questions
* Further readings/resources
* Revised content, including the addition of genograms and ecomaps

This is a practical and essential guide for all social work students, practitioners, and practice educators who are working with students in field placements.

The book is an updated third edition to a successful and established series.

"The clarity with which Teater describes complex concepts for social workers is refreshing. This book will help promote understanding and best practice whilst being firmly grounded in key theories. It is a 'must have' for all social workers wherever they practise!"
Dr Jonathan Parker, Professor of Society & Social Welfare, Bournemouth University, UK

"This latest edition of 'Theories and Methods' is as solid as its predecessors academically, with a clear and easy to follow structure that makes it accessible in a way many such books are not. I have used previous editions in many situations, settings and levels, and endorse this latest as a must-have for anyone involved with social work. Explanation is clear and the use of tables, diagrams and cases bring the theory alive and enable users to realistically transfer theory to practice. The use of exercise and questions provide a springboard to deeper learning as do the handy references and pointers to further reading at the end of each chapter. Inclusion of sections such as the 'cultural and ethical considerations' lend themselves to self-analysis, exploration and ultimately self-development. A dream of a book to work with as an academic, tutor, practice educator and well as student."
Michele Winter, Independent Social Worker & Teacher/Trainer, Social Care Training

"I can wholeheartedly recommend this revised and updated edition of Barbra Teater's highly successful book. It remains essential reading for practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students of social work. The book provides a compelling and easily accessible analysis of key theories and methods. It challenges both students and practitioners to consider and reconsider how they can apply theories and methods to practice more effectively."
Prof Hugh Mclaughlin, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

"What a great book - Barbra Teater and colleagues have managed to bring together a wealth of learning about different theories and methods of social work intervention in a clearly written and accessible format. Each chapter is focused on the application of theory to practice, and as such helps to act as a bridge from the classroom to direct work with individuals, families and groups. This new and updated edition is very likely to be one of those books that students have by their side throughout their studies, and bring with them into professional practice after graduation."
Dr John Devaney, Centenary Professor of Social Work, University of Edinburgh, UK

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