Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 488
Pub Date: 22/11/2011
ISBN: 9781412976893
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Quick overview Fully updated Fifth Edition of James Neuliep's unique approach to examining and understanding intercultural communication. Adopted in both communication and business and management departments worldwide.
Product description

In this fully updated Fifth Edition author James W. Neuliep provides a clear contextual circular model for examining communication within cultural, micro-cultural, environmental, socio-relational, perceptual contexts, and verbal and nonverbal codes. The text begins with the broadest context - the cultural component - and progresses chapter by chapter through each further component of the model. The later chapters then apply the model to the development and maintenance of intercultural relationships, the management of intercultural conflict, intercultural management, intercultural adaptation, culture shock, and intercultural competence.
New to the Fifth Edition: - expanded chapter on Intercultural Conflict, including discussions of face-negotiation theory, facework and facework strategies , conflict communication styles, and cultural preferences for conflict styles - new sections, including: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender culture in Chapter 3, a new model of stereotyping in Chapter 5, and a new discussion of intercultural relationship maintenance in Chapter 9 - 'Student Voices Across Culture' see students from across the globe profile their personal experiences with concepts that are discussed throughout the chapters - 'Intercultural Conversation-Dialogues' run throughout the book, demonstrating how key theoretical concepts manifest themselves in human interaction - new end of chapter questions encourage students to think about ethics in relation to chapter material

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