Info Tasks for Successful Learning

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128
Pub Date: 15/01/2001
ISBN: 9781551381336
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Today's students are confronted with a huge amount of information. To write tests, complete assignments, and even communicate with their peers, students need effective strategies to help them grow as learners. Whether they get their information from books, the Internet, or personal interviews, students need to build skills in reading, writing and research to succeed in school and life in this information age. This time-saving book provides teachers with a tried-and-true process for involving students in becoming information literate. Practical and ready-to-use, the book features more than 50 activities that give students hands-on opportunities to work with information. These activities involve students in manipulating and organizing data as well as making connections with information in all subject areas. Info Tasks for Successful Learning offers a range of skill-building activities that take students form the low level regurgitation or rewording of ideas to more meaningful, relevant and exciting learning. Each single page task focuses on a micro skill that makes an ideal mini lesson.
The micro skills are grouped into the four macro skills that are the basics of information literacy. * Evaluating information for relevance and validation * Sorting information to make connections * Working with Information and Testing Ideas * Analyzing and synthesizing information for meaningful conclusions. More than 30 student organizers are included to help student build important strategies for using information. A unique glossary of terms will help teachers and students make better sense of the modern information age. The repertoire of useful strategies in this remarkable book will help students reach higher levels of understanding and achievement.

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