Infection Control: Psychosocial Approach to Changing Practice

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144
Pub Date: 25/02/2009
ISBN: 9781857756128
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Quick overview Aims to challenge fundamentally the way health and social care professionals, supervisors and managers approach infection control and hygiene. This book reaches beyond a prescriptive approach to infection control behavior, examining the psychosocial forces that affect individual and group behaviors in practice.
Product description

Paul Elliott has drawn together a thought-provoking collection of topics that together explain the psychology of infection prevention and control. This is a book about how to change and improve practice, written by people who understand the trade of infection prevention and control. Reflection exercises are cleverly used throughout the text to provoke the reader to think of their own experiences in and their practice of healthcare. The reader is led into considering how improvements can be made to the delivery of infection prevention and control, and at the same time to understand why the way we think ultimately determines the likelihood of their success. Each reflection exercise is accompanied by clear and concise explanations, helping the reader to analyse and critique him/ herself and the way we do things now.

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