Improving Subject Teaching : Lesons From Research in Science Education

Author: Millar,R. et al
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
Pub Date: 14/09/2006
ISBN: 9780415362108
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Quick overview There is growing demand for education to look to research results to provide the evidence to inform choices and decisions about educational matters. This book explores the view that education should become more evidence-based by considering the relationship between research and practice in the context of the science curriculum.
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In many countries, questions are being raised about the quality and value of educational research. This book explores the relationship between research and practice in education. It looks at the extent to which current practice could be said to be informed by knowledge or ideas generated by research and at the extent to which the use of current practices or the adoption of new ones are, or could be, supported by research evidence. Science education is used as a case study but the issues considered apply to the teaching and learning of any curriculum subject. The book draws on the findings of four inter-related research studies and considers: * how research might be used to establish greater consensus about curriculum; * how research can inform the design of assessment tools and teaching interventions; * teachers' and other science educators' perceptions of the influence of research on their teaching practices and their students' learning; * the extent to which evidence can show that an educational practice 'works'.

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