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The Black Joke: The True Story of One British Ship's Battle Against the Slave Trade

Hardback, 03/02/2022, £25.00
A groundbreaking history of the Black Joke, the most famous member of the British Royal Navy's anti-slavery squadron, and the long fight to end the transatlantic slave trade.

Introducing Existentialism

Paperback, 04/05/2006, £9.99
An erudite investigation of the philosophical and cultural movement that prioritises individual experience.

30-Second Quantum Theory: The 50 most thought-provoking quantum concepts, each explained in half a minute

Hardback, 03/07/2014, £12.99
A beautifully illustrated, full-colour guide to one of science's most infamously impenetrable subjects.

Trotsky for beginners

Paperback, 02/04/1998, £8.99
This text follows the rise and fall of Trotsky. Orator, military tactitian, historian and a cultural theorist, Trotsky was finally brought down by inner party-functionalism, exiled and then executed by Stalin.

Frighteners: Why We Love Monsters, Ghosts, Death & Gore

Hardback, 22/03/2018, £12.99
A celebratory exploration of what our morbid tendencies can teach us about humanity, society and spirituality from the `Sinister Minister'.

Rock Bottom: A Music Writer's Journey into Madness

Hardback, 31/08/2017, £16.99
A tale of loving, living and surviving rock music

30-Second Maths: The 50 Most Mind-Expanding Theories in Mathematics, Each Explained in Half a Minute

Paperback, 01/09/2017, £9.99
From Rubik's cubes to Godel's incompleteness theorem, everything mathematical explained, with colour illustrations, in half a minute.

30-Second Psychology: 50 Most Thought-provoking Psychology Theories, Each Explained in Half a Minute

Paperback, 01/09/2017, £9.99
Key ideas in Psychology explained, with colour illustrations, in half a minute.
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