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    Colour for Colour Skin for Skin: Marching with the Ancestral Spirits into War Oh at Morant Bay

    £22.46 £24.95
    Rework of the author's thesis (Ph. D.--University of the West Indies, 1992) presented under the title: "Colour for colour, skin for skin": the ideological foundation of post-slavery society, 1838-1865, the Jamaican case (a study of some ideas justifying the Morant Bay rebellion and its suppression).

    Creative Echo Chamber: Contemporary Music Production in Kingston, Jamaica

    £20.66 £22.95
    Explores the unique nature of popular music production in Jamaica, which, though successful, runs counter to the models of the music industry in the developed world. Using his background as a 30-year veteran in the media and entertainment industries, Dennis Howard, a Grammy-nominated producer, brings fresh insight and perspective to the distinctive nature of Jamaican popular music.

    Reader in African-Jamaican Music, Dance and Religion

    £44.96 £49.95
    Originally published in various sources between 1907 and 1999.

    Ian Randle Publishers,Jamaica

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