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    France, 1814-70: Monarchy, Republic and Empire

    £5.07 £7.25
    Planned with the A-level student in mind, this book in the "Access to History" series, looks at the history of France between 1815 and 1870.

    Growth of Religious Diversity in Britain from 1945: A Reader

    £14.69 £20.99
    Gives material on a wide range of traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Insights are provided into new religious movements, Afro-Caribbean religious groups, and the diffuse beliefs and practices of the silent majority who are not committed to institutional religion.

    Napoleon, France and Europe

    £5.07 £7.25
    Part of the "Access to History" series, this book examines the rise and fall of Napoleon and the effect of his rule, both long and short term, on France and the rest of Europe. An analytical approach is taken to how and why Napoleon gained control in France and how and why he was finally defeated.

    Unification of Italy, 1815-70

    £5.07 £7.25
    Planned with the A-level student specifically in mind, the "Access to History" series is designed to be expansive enough so that re-reading of condensed narrative is not required. This book looks at the unification of Italy (1815-70).

    Hodder Arnold

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