Historical Jesus: Comprehensive Guide

Author: Thiessen, Gerd; Merz; John Bowden (trans
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 672
Pub Date: 01/10/1997
Publisher: SCM PRESS
ISBN: 9780334026969
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Quick overview The best available textbook on the historical Jesus.
Product description

s textbook by Germany's most interesting New Testament scholar and his assistant is likely to become a standard work on Jesus. After surveying the quest for the historical Jesus, it assesses the sources, non-Christian and Christian, for Jesus. Then it examines the historical, chronological, geographical and social setting of his activity and some of his major characteristics-as charismatic, prophet, healer, poet, and teacher. All this leads on to studies of the passion and resurrection and the beginnings of Christology. Each section discusses a specific topic in the clearest possible terms, using tables and diagrams where relevant. The main results of scholarly research are given with explanations of how they relate to a wider whole. Subdivisions clarify some of the more complex issues. The main parts of the book end in summaries. Throughout, suggestions are made for further study in the form of projects and problems to be solved. And there are full bibliographies, anglicized for this edition by Robert Morgan.

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