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Handbook of Cancer-Related Fatigue

Author: Roberto Patarca
Binding: 5
Pages: 484
Pub Date: 22/06/2004
ISBN: 9780789021687
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Quick overview Written for both cancer patients and health care providers of all disciplines. Studies the close relationship between fatigue and cancer, as well as cancer therapies that cause fatigue.
Product description

Recognize and treat fatigue as a major symptom of cancer and cancer treatment! The Handbook of Cancer-Related Fatigue, by Dr. Roberto Patarca-Montero, the editor of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome series from The Haworth Medical Press, focuses exclusively on fatigue as it relates to oncology. As more people every year are affected by cancer, treating the leading symptom becomes as important as treating the disease itself. Written by one of the world's leading experts in the study of fatigue, this detailed work studies the causes, impact, and treatment of fatigue before, during, and after cancer treatment. Considered one of the most distressing yet common symptoms of cancer, fatigue must be allayed to improve the patient's quality of life. The Handbook of Cancer-Related Fatigue studies the close relationship between fatigue and cancer, as well as cancer therapies that cause fatigue. This book identifies fatigue's devastating effects on the body and mind and offers solutions to maximize care for all types of cancer victims using documented clinical studies from around the world. For those interested in pursuing more information, an extensive bibliography is included for all relevant text. The Handbook of Cancer-Related Fatigue provides extensive research on: determining a diagnosis of cancer-related fatigue and recognizing the syndrome at all stages of treatment long-term and short-term effects of fatigue on the cancer victim's body and its impact on the patient's care and treatment, even after the cancer goes into remission the underlying factors within the body systems that contribute to cancer-related fatigue numerous beneficial intervention techniques to allay the effects of cancer-related fatigue on the patient's quality of life clinical studies showing the statistics of cancer-related fatigue in the United States and around the world identifying the relationship between cancer and fatigue using tables, references, sidebars, and an extensive bibliography and much more! Focused and thorough, The Handbook of Cancer-Related Fatigue is written for both cancer patients and health-care providers of all disciplines. Whether you are an oncologist, a therapist, or a patient, vital information is not only accessible but made easier to understand with handy charts, tables, and referenced clinical studies throughout the chapters. With fatigue categorized as one of the most important symptoms of cancer, it becomes imperative for anyone touched by this disease--personally or professionally--to keep a copy of this book at hand.

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