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    How to Abolish Prisons: Lessons from the Movement Against Imprisonment

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    ISBN: 9781786632777
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    AuthorHerzing, Rachel
    Pub Date01/01/2030
    Publisher: Verso Books
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    What is prison abolition and how do we get there?

    Following some of the largest protests the US has seen in many years, police and prison abolition have become urgent issues of our time. As this book reveals, this marks a return: In the 1960s and 1970s, groups like the U.S. Prison Research Education Action Project and the Norwegian Association for Penal Reform advocated for a world without prisons. Instead, incarceration boomed, growing in the United States from about 200,000 prisoners to unprecedented 2 million and more. Now, grassroots movements and critical research are converging on an uncompromising critique of the regime of mass incarceration.

    This book provides a trenchant guide to prison abolition, explaining why the solution to the criminal justice crisis is ending policing, imprisonment, and mass surveillance, and building a society that creates alternatives to punishment and carceral solutions to social contradictions. The book details and evaluates on-the-ground abolitionist projects throughout North America that provide alternative models, and reveals what it means to work for abolition today, what are ways to "de-carceralize" society.