Guerilla performance & multimedia

Author: HILL,L
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 352
Pub Date: 01/06/2001
ISBN: 9780826453303
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Quick overview This quide for artists in a variety of media covers aspects of starting up a company, funding, multimedia tools, documentation marketing, a Yellow Pages section with contact information (funding, venues, publications, festivals, equipment hire, software support) and interviews from artists.
Product description

Guerilla Performance and Multimedia is written by artists, for artists. It is designed for the benefit of artists engaged in creating original performance and multimedia work, including live art, installation, digital art and hybrids of theatre and visual art. Although there is no 'how to' in performance, no clearly defined 'industry' as such around the art form, this book stares unflinchingly into the headlights of the oncoming question: how do you make a living as an artist? This book offers an invaluable collection of individual experiences, unique strategies, and practical advice of dozens of veteran artists, arts administrators and related professionals. In Guerilla Performance and Multimedia, artists such as Bobby Baker, Tim Miller, Guillermo Gomez Pena, Rachel Rosenthal, Stelarc, Lois Weaver and Martha Wilson share their adventures, tactics and tips. Founders and directors of art organizations and festivals such as Franklin Furnace, Artsadmin, the Cleveland Performance Art Festival and the Banff Centre relate their experiences of producing and commissioning work internationally.
Senior advisors from major funding bodies such as London Arts and the Arts Council of England offer generous, detailed pointers on preparing strong grant applications. Production issues for theatre, gallery, video, web and CD are addressed by experts who give concise practical advice relating to different venues and formats. Marketing, publicity and documentation are also thoroughly addressed by pros. Professionals in related fields give the inside scoop on the crucial concerns of starting a company, preparing accounts and tax information and staying on the right side of entertainment law. This unparalleled collection of professional and artistic experience provides the definitive guide to making a living as an artist.

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