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    Gordon the Meanest Goose on Earth

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    ISBN: 9780192788658
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    AuthorLatimer, Alex
    Pub Date06/06/2024
    Publisher: O.U.P.
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    A unique and hilarious redemption story, with one mean goose realizing that sometimes saying sorry is the bravest thing you can do.

    There are plenty of mean geese in the world. They hiss and honk and chase you down for a handful of crumbs. But Gordon is the meanest of them all. He stomps on sandcastles, knocks ice-creams out of hands, and punches sharks - he's the worst, and he loves it.

    Until one day, something extraordinary happens . . . Anthony the Piglet gives him a flower. With this one act of kindness, Gordon's world begins to crumble.

    Join Gordon the Goose, Anthony the Piglet, and the citizens of Grover Gardens for a laugh-out-loud journey of empathy, courage, and soggy bread.