Global Politics 2ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 616
Pub Date: 11/03/2014
ISBN: 9781137349262
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Tutor: Lucas Van Milders
Tutor: Soeren Keil
Department: School of Psychology, Politics & Sociology
Quick overview This revised, updated, and considerably expanded new edition provides a systematic introduction to the theory and practice of contemporary international relations. Including pedagogical features highlighting key thinkers and concepts, this text clarifies the fundamental debates and issues at stake in global political affairs.
Product description

The extensively revised new edition of Global Politics provides a systematic and integrated analysis of the theory and practice of contemporary international relations. Written with outstanding clarity and drawing on an exceptionally wide range of theoretical perspectives throughout, each chapter is packed with innovative features to aid study and reinforce learning: Full-page case studies of Global Politics in Action, the majority entirely new to this edition, look behind the headlines to illuminate major events in world affairs Global Actor case studies consider the nature and significance of key players on the world stage, from Google to the G-20 Focus and Debating features look closer at issues and approaches to promote critical thinking Photographs and biographies of influential theorists introduce the people, as well as the ideas, that have shaped the subject. This second edition is fully updated to cover key developments, from the Arab Spring to the global financial crisis, and provides enhanced coverage of issues like international migration. An entirely new chapter on theory at the end of the book revisits key perspectives, and addresses deeper questions about the nature and purpose of theory in international relations."

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