Getting it in the Head

Author: McCormack, Mike
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Pub Date: 06/07/2017
ISBN: 9781786891396
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Quick overview The celebrated debut short story collection from the author of Solar Bones, winner of the 2016 Goldsmiths Prize and BGE Irish Book of the Year
Product description

Prepare to enter a world where the infatuation with death, ruin and destruction is total. Set in locations from New York to the west of Ireland, and to the nameless realms of the imagination, it is a world where beautiful but deranged children make lethal bombs, talented sculptors spend careers dismembering themselves in pursuit of their art, and wasters rise up with axes and turn into patricides.McCormack's celebrated debut collection is richly imaginative, bitterly funny, powerful and original.

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