Geography in the Early Years 2ed

Author: Palmer, J &Birc
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 232
Pub Date: 09/09/2004
ISBN: 9780415320702
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Quick overview The presence of geography in the National Curriculum in England and Wales means that all teachers need to monitor the distinctively geographical element in their teaching. This text combines summaries of research with transcripts of classroom conversation, case-studies and suggestions for the implementation of sound geographical work in practice.
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This completely revised and updated second edition of Geography in the Early Years presents a lively and comprehensive overview of teaching and learning in geography. Theoretical aspects of early years teaching in geography are complemented by up-to-date research findings and illustrated with discussion, a wealth of case studies, and suggestions for the development and implementation of sound geographical work in practice. In a practitioner-friendly style, this book provides: * an examination of the essence of geography in terms of children's conceptions of the physical environment * a detailed description of geography in the national curriculum and of the place and nature of environmental education within early years teaching * guidelines for taking a whole school approach in policy, planning and organisation of geographical learning * examples of initial teacher training and continuing professional developments. This highly accessible, illuminating book will be immensely helpful to teachers, student teachers, policy-makers and all other providers of education for children aged three to seven years.

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