Frankenstein's Brain: Puzzles and Conundrums in Mary Shelley's Monstrous Masterpiece

Author: Sutherland, John
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 208
Pub Date: 04/10/2018
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781785784088
Availability: In stock
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Quick overview Literary sleuth John Sutherland takes a quirky journey through the lesser-known byways of Mary Shelley's masterpiece.
Product description

Two hundred years on from the first publication of Frankenstein, John Sutherland delves into the deepest, darkest corners of Mary Shelley's gothic masterpiece to see what strange and terrifying secrets lie within.

Homing in on the puzzles and conundrums the book throws up, we consider the difficulties of obtaining (or assembling) an eight-foot human skeleton; the apocryphal Igor and what he might have brought to the story; and why Victor fails to notice the Revolution in 1790s France. We also tackle the essential question monster fans have been pondering for well over a century: Dracula vs Frankenstein - who wins?

As invigorating as a lightning bolt to the neck and as persuasive as a gigantic hand around the throat, Frankenstein's

Brain is a unique and fascinating journey behind the scenes of this seminal work of literature and imagination.

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