First Steps in Clinical Supervision

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Pages: 216
Pub Date: 01/10/2010
ISBN: 9780335236510
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Quick overview This book is designed as a practical toolkit to aid those training to do clinical supervision or starting out as clinical supervisors.
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"This book is an essential read for those new to the role of becoming a clinical supervisor. It is packed with practical ideas and activities to try out in the supervision situation and underpinned by relevant theory. An obvious strength of the book is the way Paul seems to 'talk' to the new supervisor in an engaging and non patronising way. At last there is acknowledgement of the 'emotional labour' of being engaged in supervisory work offering strategies to 'look after oneself' when acting as a clinical supervisor in practice." John Driscoll, Freelance CPD Consultant & Development Coach "This is a really good book and I have no hesitation recommending it! It is written in a way that is 'true' to my own experience as an experienced supervisor and will be of use to those taking the first steps, those helping others to do so and more experienced supervisors." Steve Dilworth, Freelance Facilitator "The author's personal experience of training and supervising has produced a very practical easy to read book with plenty of opportunity to reflect on your own past experiences whilst learning from those that have gone before."
Rachel Condren, Student Nurse, Queens University Belfast, UK This practical book is designed as a toolkit for anyone starting out as a clinical supervisor. The book focuses on developing core skills of supervision, as well as your ability to reflect and improve on those skills. Addressing all aspects of supervision, the book gives you practical frameworks needed to start, maintain and evaluate clinical supervision - from how to start a supervision contract to how to run a session. The book offers: Clear information and guidance on what the supervisor needs to know as they prepare to take on the role of clinical supervisor Practical examples and demonstration of key clinical supervision skills Simple explanations of the key frameworks and models for clinical supervision Reflective questions and activities you can use in supervision sessions An example of a method of evaluation when reviewing supervision Ways of keeping healthy as a supervisor and staying within the spirit of supervision The book includes tips for developing the supervision relationship, focusing on areas identified as the ones supervisors struggle with the most.
First Steps in Clinical Supervision is core reading for qualified nurses and healthcare professionals working in a supervisory role, either formally or informally, or taking CPD courses to supervise staff and colleagues.

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