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Fight for Beauty: Our Path to a Better Future SIGNED COPY

Author: Reynolds, Dr Fiona
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 352
Pub Date: 11/05/2017
ISBN: 9781786071040
Availability: In Stock
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Quick overview A powerful voice speaks about the things that really make life worth living - a vision for our environment, our society and our future
Product description

We live in a world where the drive for economic growth is crowding out everything that can't be given a monetary value. We're stuck on a treadmill where only the material things in life gain traction and it's getting harder to find space for the things that really matter but money can't buy, including our future. Fiona Reynolds proposes a solution that is at once radical and simple - to inspire us through the beauty of the world around us. Delving into our past, examining landscapes, nature, farming and urbanisation, she shows how ideas about beauty have arisen and evolved, been shaped by public policy, been knocked back and inched forward until they arrived lost in the economically-driven spirit of today. A passionate, polemical call to arms, The Fight for Beauty presents an alternative path forward: one that, if adopted, could take us all to a better future.

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