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Fifty Key Works of History and Historiography

Author: STUNKEL, K.R.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 23/05/2011
ISBN: 9780415573320
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Product description

Fifty Key Works of History and Historiography introduces some of the most important works ever written by those who have sought to understand, capture, query and interpret the past. The works covered include texts from ancient times to the present day and from different cultural traditions ensuring a wide variety of schools, methods and ideas are introduced. Each of the fifty texts represents at least one of six broad categories: * early examples of historiography (e.g. Herodotus and Augustine) * non-western works (e.g. Shaddad and Fukuzawa) *'Critical' historiography (e.g. Mabillon and Ranke) * history of minorities, neglected groups or subjects (e.g. Said and Needham) * broad sweeps of history (e.g. Mumford and Hofstadter) * problematic or unconventional historiography (e.g. Foucault and White). Each of the key works is introduced in a short essay written in a lively and engaging style which provides the ideal preparation for reading the text itself. Complete with a substantial introduction to the field, this book is the perfect starting point for anyone new to the study of history or historiography.

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