Female Man

Author: RUSS,J.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 213
Pub Date: 01/03/2002
ISBN: 9780704347373
Availability: In stock
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Quick overview This is the story of three women from three parallel universes. Joanna's world is quite like our own, whereas Jeannine's world is a poorer, grungier version of Earth. And then there's Janet, who comes from a world where men have died off, a world without the "poisonous binary" of gender.
Product description

The Female Man is a suspenseful, surprising and darkly witty chronicle of what happens when Jeannine, Janet, Joanna and Jael - four alternative selves from drastically different realities - meet. Joanna's world is like our own, Jeannine's world is even poorer & grungier, a place where neither World War II nor its resulting developments of technology have happened. Janet - the explorer - comes from 'Whileaway' where men have died off, leaving a world without the 'poisonous binary' of gender. Finally we meet Jael, warrior and assassin, who takes the other three to where the final war between men and women is being waged. The Female Man, Joanna Russ' innovative science fiction novel, caused a furore when first published in the 1970s - it has a power that has stayed fresh, witty and WEIRD. A welcome new edition of a book that now looks as good as it reads.

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