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Favourite Classic Writers

Author: Gamble, Nikki
Binding: 7
Pages: 32
Pub Date: 15/04/2004
ISBN: 9780750242868
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Quick overview Short introductions to some of the most popular children's writers from the past.
Product description

Following the successful format of FAVOURITE WRITERS, this book provides short introductions to the life and work of some the best-known classic children's writers from around the world, from Lewis Carroll to Tolkein, and Frances Hodgson Burnett to E B White. Introducing key writers whose contribution to literature is unquestioned, the book devotes one spread to each of 13 of them. Each will includes a short biography, brief summaries and quotes from key works, and a short quote by a contemporary writer. A further six are briefly covered on the final spread. Illustrated with historical pictures and photos and written in a punchy and succinct style, this is an engaging and useful source of introductory information on classic writers that children will encounter in English classes and in their own reading.

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