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Faith, Hope and Charity: English Neighbourhoods, 1500-1640

Author: Wood, Andy (University of Durham)
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 400
Pub Date: 22/10/2020
ISBN: 9781108814454
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Quick overview A study of English neighbourhoods based on a rich variety of hitherto largely unstudied sources, engages with the interaction of social ideals and everyday experience in Tudor and early Stuart neighbourhoods with emphasis on popular religion, notions of gender, locality and belonging between 1500 and 1640.
Product description

Faith, Hope and Charity explores the interaction between social ideals and everyday experiences in Tudor and early Stuart neighbourhoods, drawing on a remarkably rich variety of hitherto largely unstudied sources. Focusing on local sites, where ordinary people lived their lives, Andy Wood deals with popular religion, gender relations, senses of locality and belonging, festivity, work, play, witchcraft, gossip, and reactions to dearth and disease. He thus brings a new clarity to understandings of the texture of communal relations in the historical past and highlights the particular characteristics of structural processes of inclusion and exclusion in the construction and experience of communities in early modern England. This engaging social history vividly captures what life would have been like in these communities, arguing that, even while early modern people were sure that the values of neighbourhood were dying, they continued to evoke and reassert those values.

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