Experiences of Special Education

Author: Armstrong,D.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Pub Date: 25/09/2003
ISBN: 9780415266154
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Quick overview This is a refreshing book which examines the stories of those people who have received SEN provision. Funded by the ESRC, it explores the wider issues of Special Education and defines its future role.
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Discussion about educational provision for children with learning difficulties has largely ignored the voices of those for whom that provision is intended. Experiences of Special Education argues that these 'insider perspectives' are of central importance for a fuller understanding of special educational needs policy. Bringing a unique focus to the subject of special needs education, Derrick Armstrong reassesses the history of special educational policy through the life-stories of those who have first-hand experience. These stories contest official policy discourses and inform an understanding of the competing political and professional debates in this area, allowing the reader to: * Investigate the social and historical contexts of special educational needs policy * Challenge traditional notions of policy research * Explore alternative policy discourses informed by the voices of the excluded. This thought-provoking book is based on detailed case-study analysis of the experiences of over thirty adults who attended special institutions/schools between 1994 and the present.
It provides a fresh perspective on current discussions of special educational provisions for teachers, student teachers, policy makers and academics, involved in special education.

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