Exciting ICT in History

Author: Walsh, Ben
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 168
Pub Date: 01/01/2005
ISBN: 9781855391901
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Quick overview Part of a series that aims to add extra spark to your teaching. Discover how using ICT tools can turn even routine activities into more powerful learning experiences for all your pupils.
Product description

Exciting ICT in History explores the possibilities and the ways in which the teaching and learning of history can be enhanced through the use of ICT. It provides ideas, practical activities and resources to help teachers start using ICT in the classroom. it emphasizes the importance of how, through careful planning and effective research, the use of ICT can actually create time in the classroom rather than being a drain upon it. A CD-ROM accompanies the book and includes all the necessary resources to carry out the various tasks and activities described in the book as well as providing a range of web links to key sites. Ben Walsh draws upon the vast array of resources available to practitioners today. Through the use of case studies, the book illustrates how easily teachers can incorporate ICT into history by utilizing applications ranging from basic word processors and PowerPoint presentation to virtual reality and digital video. Each chapter focuses on a different ICT resource and the ways in which teachers can use the technology to help students evaluate and interpret historical source material, and ultimately to communicate their ideas and learning.

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