Evolving Presidency

Author: NELSON, M
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 360
Pub Date: 01/05/2011
ISBN: 9781608716845
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Quick overview This text provides students with a collection of over 50 documents which will help them to put presidency into context. New documents in this 4th edition include Obama's Health Care Address and his Campaign Speech on Race in America.
Product description

In Michael Nelson's fourth edition of The Evolving Presidency, students of the information-rich modern age are reminded that there is no substitute for a primary source. Over 50 documents help to anchor the ever-changing presidency in historical context, dramatically showing presidents pioneer U.S. history in both word and deed. Students will encounter a range of documents from speeches and debates to letters and landmark Supreme Court decisions. Every selection has its own headnote that is carefully crafted to convey the significance of the document during its own time and its lasting effects on the office of the presidency. Documents new to this edition: Memo from Walter F. Mondale to Jimmy Carter Proposing the Modern Vice Presidency (1976 Bush v. Gore (2000) Barack Obama's Campaign Speech on Race in America (2008) Barack Obama's Health Care Address (2009)

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