Europe's Deadlock: How the Euro Crisis Could be Solved -- and Why it Still Won't Happen

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 152
Pub Date: 23/02/2016
ISBN: 9780300220308
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With new material on the astonishing 2014-15 monetary rollercoaster, an incisive chronicler of the euro's upheavals explains how Europe's single currency has lurched in and out of crisis-with widespread repercussions for Britain and the rest of the world. "Marsh is an expert chronicler of European monetary union, and his analysis deserves serious consideration."-George Soros "Europe's Deadlock makes a hard-hitting case against 'muddled thinking, lack of imagination and straightforward incompetence on the part of the politicians and technocrats charged with policing the single currency.'"-Ferdinando Giugliano, Financial Times "[A] pitiless analysis of a crisis that cannot be permitted to become a disaster."-Iain Finlayson, The Times

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