Ethics, Law and Health Care: A guide for nurses and midwives

Author: McDonald, Fiona
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 387
Pub Date: 15/04/2019
ISBN: 9781352005394
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Product description

Understanding ethics and law in health care is an essential part of nurse and midwife professional standards, and a core component of qualifying programmes. Ethics, Law and Health Care teaches applied ethics and law in a way that illustrates the real world applications of these essential aspects of practice. It enables readers to not only recognise but also address legal and ethical issues that will arise in their professional practice. The book approaches these issues using the Nursing and Midwifery Codes of Ethics, the Codes of Professional Conduct and the four principles of biomedical ethics:


Filled with case studies, review questions and useful further reading, this book gives readers a solid understanding of ethics and law in health care, and a clear decision-making framework so they can take action confidently.

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