Essentials of Nursing Practice 2ED

Author: Delves-Yates, Catherine
Pages: 816
Pub Date: 14/07/2018
ISBN: 9781526447159
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Quick overview Covers all the key subjects first years need to know, across all fields and all settings, with a wealth of activities, including critical thinking, reflection and what's the evidence boxes.
Product description

Drawing together the best of text, video and interactive material for the complete introduction to modern nursing.

This ground-breaking textbook has been brought together by 8 editors, 37 contributors, 18 patients, 13 practitioners and 15 student nurses providing a comprehensive overview of holistic, person-centred nursing practice.

Key features:

A wealth of activities including critical thinking, reflection and `what's the evidence boxes'.
Real-life `voices' from patients, students and practitioners are integrated throughout the text
A clear and effective learning design aimed to help students understand the core theory, skills and knowledge, apply it effectively to practice, build their academic skills and succeed in assignments.
Addresses the transition to the new NMC Standards of Proficiency with a new tool developed for educators mapping the content of the book to both the existing and new standards.

The book uniquely blends online resources with traditional print-based learning which are brought seamlessly together through free access to an interactive eBook version of the text. Dedicated online resources for both students and lecturers take the book even further providing the definitive package for nurse education.

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