Essential Primary Mathematics

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 336
Pub Date: 01/05/2013
ISBN: 9780335247028
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Tutor: Gina Donaldson
Department: School of Teacher Education & Development
Quick overview Offers 176 ideas for teaching primary mathematics - adaptable for use within different areas of mathematics and for different ages. Tackling children's misconceptions in each topic area and differentiation through open-ended tasks and elements of choice, this book encourages you to think about the teaching of the primary mathematics curriculum.
Product description

If you are teaching or learning to teach primary mathematics, this is the toolkit to support you! Not only does it cover the essential knowledge and understanding that you and your pupils need to know, it also offers 176 great ideas for teaching primary mathematics - adaptable for use within different areas of mathematics and for different ages and abilities. Tackling children's misconceptions in each topic area and differentiation through open-ended tasks and elements of choice, the book encourages you to think deeply about the teaching of the primary mathematics curriculum. The classroom activities, which are simple to resource and use, support you in meeting the Teachers' Standards securely and encourage children to: think deeply about mathematics and to challenge themselves; develop mathematical independence; engage in mathematical talk; and work collaboratively with others to further understanding. Whether you are just getting started in your teaching career or more experienced you will find a wealth of innovative activities to support you in teaching primary mathematics in effective and creative ways. "This book is an absolute must for every primary teacher.
The perfect blend of subject knowledge, common misconceptions, pupil activities and self-assessment questions will support all those who are feeling slightly less than confident about teaching a mathematical topic. It will also be invaluable to experienced teachers and subject leaders who wish to think more deeply about how to teach mathematics effectively." (Sue Davis, Primary PGCE Course Leader and Lecturer in Mathematics Education, University of Leicester, UK). "This book has the conversational style of an excellent mentor and/or tutor of primary mathematics. It offers advice and guidance on how to be an effective teacher of mathematics whilst still drawing the reader's attention to the importance of developing good subject knowledge, and how this can be addressed. Mathematical concepts are explained with reference to their theoretical underpinning and are then set in the context of real learning opportunities that illustrate good pedagogy. There is a real emphasis on teaching for learning, and this is most evident in the introductory chapter which provides a brief discussion of the big issues currently being debated in the field of primary mathematics.
The consistent format of the subject chapters supports the reader's ability to plan and teach a wide range of appropriate activities based on rich mathematics. These are all neatly illustrated by children's drawings which bring the book to life. This is an all encompassing text for any student or teacher of mathematics and will feature on my highly recommended reading list." (Paula Stone, Senior Lecturer Primary Education (Mathematics), Canterbury Christ Church University, UK). "This book is ideal for student and practicing teachers alike. The user-friendly format such as the overview of contents at the beginning of each chapter and the highlighting of key misconceptions in each area, make it easy to locate relevant information. Each chapter evolves logically through subject knowledge and progression in learning for children. This book stands out from other texts I have used as there is an extremely helpful section at the end of each chapter which provides suggested classroom activities with associated learning objectives for each area of mathematics. As a final year student, I only wish this book had been available to me at the beginning of my course!"
(Shelley Rogers, Student Teacher, University of Chichester, UK). "This book approaches the teaching of primary mathematics with a clear ethos, which is explained in the first chapter and then pervades all the suggestions and discussions which follow. The author deals with issues such as turning children's misconceptions and 'mistakes' into learning opportunities, provoking the children into communicating their reasoning and differentiating lessons in ways that empower rather than categorise children. The author's experience of having taught and observed hundreds of mathematics lessons is distilled into the essence of primary mathematics teaching." (Dr Marcus Witt, Senior Lecturer in Primary and Early Years Mathematics Education, University of the West of England, UK). "The theory sections of the book are really detailed which helps to provide a secure knowledge base for teaching primary mathematics. I especially like the way that the book is laid out; it is really easy to navigate.
I love how the common misconceptions are outlined and explained in boxes separate to the body of the text but are also re-listed at the end of a chapter so that you could revise the potential issues which may arise before you start to teach a particular topic. The activities are well organised and adaptable but it is useful to see which age range each activity is suggested for at a glance, alongside the learning objective." (Natalie Ridler, NQT).

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