English Rules: A Russo-British Comedy of Errors

Author: Ostalski, Andrei
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
Pub Date: 30/09/2013
ISBN: 9781291557633
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Product description

Sashok, a Russian living in southern England with his British wife and her parents, leads a monotonous existence, ever fearful that he has not fully adapted to his foreign surroundings and might commit a cultural faux-pas. One day his routine is broken when he is accosted on his morning commute by a man of outlandish appearance and manner. Sashok's attention is distracted by the man's antics while his briefcase is switched and replaced by an identical one. This incident sets off a bizarre chain of events drawing Sashok into a surreal scam involving doppelgangers and a honey-trap agent. The intricate plot of shady criminal dealings, though, masks a story about identity. This is at once a comic thriller and a comedy of errors; a tale of interaction between cultures and national mentalities and an ironic study of British eccentricity seen this time through Russian eyes.

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