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    Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain

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    ISBN: 9780241445310
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    AuthorSanghera, Sathnam
    Pub Date07/10/2021
    Publisher: HAMISH HAMILTON
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    'The real remedy is education of the kind that Sanghera has embraced - accepting, not ignoring, the past' Gerard deGroot, The Times

    EMPIRE explains why there are millions of Britons living worldwide.
    EMPIRE explains Brexit and the feeling that we are exceptional.
    EMPIRE explains our distrust of cleverness.
    EMPIRE explains Britain's particular brand of racism.

    Strangely hidden from view, the British Empire remains a subject of both shame and glorification. In his bestselling book, Sathnam Sanghera shows how our imperial past is everywhere: from how we live and think to the foundation of the NHS and even our response to the COVID-19 crisis.

    At a time of great division, when we are arguing about what it means to be British, Empireland is a groundbreaking revelation - a much-needed and enlightening portrait of contemporary British society, shining a light on everything that usually gets left unsaid.

    'Empireland takes a perfectly-judged approach to its contentious but necessary subject' Jonathan Coe

    'I only wish this book has been around when I was at school' Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

    'This remarkable book shines the brightest of lights into some of the darkest and most misunderstood corners of our shared history' James O'Brien