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    Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing

    £13.49 £14.99
    Compiles writings that bring levity to the serious and challenging world of the nursing profession. This title features articles filled with insights into the diverse situations and issues that confront nursing students and nursing professionals every day. It includes over 100 pieces of whimsical and witty writings by or about nurses.

    Before We Are Born 7ed

    £35.09 £38.99
    Provides concepts in human embryology and development.

    Berne & Levy Physiology

    £53.99 £84.99

    Clinical Imaging: with Skeletal, Chest, & Abdominal Pattern Differentials 3ed

    £164.69 £182.99
    Allows students and practitioners to quickly develop a better understanding of diagnostic imaging. Covering soft tissue imaging and skeletal imaging, including brain and spinal cord, chest, and abdomen, this title integrates plain film with MRI and CT.

    Clinical nursing skills & techniques 6ed

    £39.89 £56.99
    Covering over 200 skills, which follow the nursing process framework, this book presents them in two-column format with rationales for each step. It includes guidelines, delegation principles for each skill, and considerations for various age groups and care settings. It also covers cultural and pediatric considerations.

    Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes

    £59.39 £65.99
    Presents a classification system of mechanical pain syndromes that is designed to direct the exercise prescription and the correction of faulty movement patterns. This book gives practitioners an organized method of analyzing the mechanical cause of movement impairment syndrome, the contributing factors and a strategy for management.

    ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care

    £32.19 £45.99
    Provides a clinically relevant resource on electrocardiography for those who care for patients in the emergency setting. This book provides information on ECG abnormalities and their aetiologic differential diagnoses, diagnostic criteria for the ECG manifestations of various clinical diseases/entities, and many 12-lead ECG examples for review.

    Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage 3ed

    £27.29 £38.99
    Providing information on how to skillfully apply massage techniques, this practical text includes discussions on sanitation, hygiene, body mechanics, business practices, ethics, and more. Beginning with the basics and expanding to therapeutic applications, it also provides an introduction to complementary bodywork systems.

    Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

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