Effective Teaching of Religious Education

Author: Watson, Brenda
Binding: 7
Pages: 240
Pub Date: 31/08/1993
ISBN: 9780582087071
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Quick overview Part of "The Effective Teacher Series", this text considers the place of religious education in schools. Amongst the questions raised are: why have RE in schools; can it be relevant to today's pupils; how should world religions be taught; and what is the place of Christianity?
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Religious education is an area of complexity and controversy which raises many questions throughout education, such as why teach RE in schools? What is the relevance of religion in a secular society? Can anyone teach it? How should world religions be taught? How can students be assessed? The Effective Teaching of Religious Education seeks to open up the debates surrounding these issues in order to provide clear guidelines for both practising and trainee teachers. Written with a practical concern to improve the quality of RE delivered in schools, this books adopts a clear and direct approach that is balanced and unbiased. Theory and practice are tighly integrated and many practical suggestions and examples are given. The author demonstrates a sensitivity to where RE currently stands and offers practical answers to hard questions and shows how the subject contributes to cross curricular work.

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