Effective Communication for Health Professionals 2ed

Author: Elsevier
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Pub Date: 09/11/2019
Publisher: MOSBY
ISBN: 9780323625456
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Product description

Ensure you have the skills to effectively communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals! With its easy-to-read style, Effective Communication for Health Professionals, 2nd edition, is loaded with useful tips and exercises to help you learn the universal (and necessary) practice of communication. This full-color second edition reflects current therapeutic techniques, including Communication Guidelines feature boxes, Words at Work dialogue boxes, added case studies, and all-new content exploring the most current communication tools in the modern health care setting. In addition, interactive exercises on the Evolve companion website encourages you to practice therapeutic communication techniques in real-life situations.

UNIQUE! Interactive activities on accompanying Evolve site include a variety of application exercises such as scenarios with voice mail messages and patient/caregiver interviews.
Easy-to-read style provides practical information, hints, and tips.
Test Your Communication IQ boxes provide you with a short self-assessment test at the beginning of each chapter.
Spotlight on Success boxes provide you with useful, practical tips for improving workplace habits and communication.
Expanding Critical Thinking boxes provide actual case examples and activities with useful tips to help you apply what you've learned to practice.
Legal Eagle boxes provide useful tips that focus on honesty, as well as ethical and legal communication between patients and healthcare workers.
End-of-chapter questions and exercises help you to use knowledge learned from topics presented in the chapter.

NEW! Chapter devoted to cross-cultural communication promotes understanding of care in a diverse workplace
NEW! Chapter on diseases and disorders discusses communication with patients experiencing specific physical and mental illnesses and disorders.
NEW and UNIQUE! Words at Work dialogue boxes demonstrate actual conversations between healthcare workers and clients.
UPDATED! Content reflects the most current communication tools for the modern healthcare setting.
NEW! Full-color design and art program promote engagement.
NEW and UNIQUE! Communication Guidelines boxes direct you to best practices for the effective exchange of information.
NEW! Additional Taking the Chapter to Work case studies demonstrate real-life communication pitfalls and successes.

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