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The Girl and the Goddess

Hardback, 01/10/2020, £12.99

Talking heads 2

Paperback, 05/10/1998, £7.99
Characterized by the author's understatement, observation and knowing irony, these six Alan Bennett monologues were written for the second BBC1 series of "Talking Heads", the first having been transmitted 11 years earlier, in 1987.

Mouth Full of Blood: Essays, Speeches, Meditations

Hardback, 20/02/2020, £9.99
A vital new non-fiction collection from one of the most celebrated and revered writers of our time'We die. That may be the measure of our lives.' The Nobel Lecture in Literature, 1993The power of language, discussed beautifully in Toni Morrison's Nobel lecture, is felt throughout the essays, speeches and meditations contained in this collection.

Women are the Future of Islam: A Memoir of Hope

Hardback, 14/06/2018, £14.99
The future of Islam is female Named one of the BBC's 100 Women of 2016, and the subject of interviews in both The Times and the Guardian, Sherin Khankan is one of the very few female imams in the Western World.

Keisha the Sket

Hardback, 14/10/2021, £12.99

Frostquake: How the frozen winter of 1962 changed Britain forever

Paperback, 30/12/2021, £9.99
These were the shadows that hung over a country paralysed by frozen heating oil, burst pipes and power cuts. And yet underneath the frozen surface, new life was beginning to stir, with JF Kennedy, the pill, Bob Dylan, Mary Quant and the Beatles symbols of an exuberant youthquake.
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