E-Learning Department of One

Author: Wood, Emily
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 200
Pub Date: 30/12/2018
ISBN: 9781947308824
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Quick overview As more companies want e-learning for training and development, they often task lone individuals with the work. And when you're on your own, you need workarounds and shortcuts. Think of E-Learning Department of One as your lifeline, covering the entire scope of e-learning design and development, all from the lens of how to get by with limited resources, help, and time.
Product description

Master E-Learning Design on Your Own

The clock is ticking. The new online training is due next week. You need to tweak a few activity questions, make sure changes to the audio voiceover flow smoothly, and get the subject matter expert to sign off on the final storyboard. To cap it all off, you're on your own. You're an e-learning department of one.

As more companies explore the e-learning space for training and development, they often task lone individuals to bear the load. You might be an instructional designer asked to start with e-learning, or an experienced marketer developing a sales support e-learning module, or a classroom trainer taking your content online. E-Learning Department of One can be your lifeline.

Learning experience designer Emily Wood knows a thing or two about being an e-learning department of one. In this book, she shares shortcuts to create quality products when faced with limited resources, help, and time. Design and development hacks include how to:

Manage complex content with a storyboard.
Decide which authoring tool fits your budget.
Gather and organize feedback data from pilot tests.
Ensure your product meets accessibility requirements.

While you might feel like you're stranded on a deserted island, struggling to manage dozens of training requests, remember you're not alone. Welcome to the e-learning community.

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