Dyslexia in the early years

Author: HARTAS,D
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 112
Pub Date: 01/12/2005
ISBN: 9780415345002
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Quick overview This informative book equips early years teachers with the kind of practical knowledge needed to effectively teach young children with dyslexia . The author tackles the topic accessibly and realistically, addressing a variety of classroom scenarios.
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Packed full of activities, real-life case studies, tasks and suggestions, this informative book will equip teachers with the kind of practical knowledge needed to teach young children with dyslexia effectively. Tackling the subject in a clear and realistic way, the author encourages teachers to think critically in terms of the changing nature of special educational needs, and teaching and learning in early years. She addresses a variety of classroom issues, such as: * assessment and identification of dyslexia * summarising and commenting on current debates * exploring the links between dyslexia, language, and social and emotional development * the most effective instructional methods and teaching styles conducive to supporting pupils with dyslexia in early years settings. In addition the book considers the implications of current research for everyday classroom practice, makes recommendations for employing technologies and for accessing web-based information and resources.

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