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Ducks in a Row

Binding: Hardback
Pages: 260
Pub Date: 06/10/2005
Publisher: Short Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781904977353
Availability: In Stock
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Product description

A humorous guide to the language of Office English Ducks in a Row is a dictionary and guidebook celebrating the new and absurd language of Office English, or Offlish - workplace slang, common jargon, bogus phrases and all the myriad ridiculous idioms that we use to impress and confuse our colleagues and to climb the greasy pole of corporate advancement. It is a book to delight, amuse, instruct and entertain anyone who has ever worked in, or ever will work in, an office. All of the 700+ definitions of words and terms in Ducks in a Row include examples of typical office behaviour and the types of character encountered. For each word or term there is an example of how it is used, as well as a handy "Bullshit Rating". All the words and terms are fully cross-referenced and indexed so that it is possible to dip in and across the book to follow a particular theme or running gag.

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