Drug Interventions in Criminal Justice

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Pages: 296
Pub Date: 01/08/2010
ISBN: 9780335235810
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Quick overview The book is essential reading for criminology/criminal justice and social policy students; for students studying health related degrees; for researchers in criminal justice and the drugs field; criminal justice, drug treatment and health professionals; the media and members of the public who are interested in drug use and crime.
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The contributors [to this book] have first-hand experience of conducting research on interventions for drug users and approach the issues from a criminological/criminal justice perspective!'Drug Interventions in Criminal Justice' usefully brings thoughtful considerations of a range of research studies together in a coherent and structured way. It engages with the challenges of 'coerced' intervention and provides some fascinating insights into the murky waters that lie beneath 'effective' interventions. Indeed, the content of this book, without doing so directly, provides some impetus for those advocating the need for drug policy to take a broader social contextualisation of drug use and responses to it. British Journal of Community Justice, Vol 9, Issues 1 & 2 special issue on the Rehabilitation Revolution Under the New Labour government, breaking the apparent link between drug use and crime became one of the main aims of drug policy. A wide range of initiatives to tackle drug-related crime were introduced under the auspices of the Drug Interventions Programme and criminal justice agencies became key players in channelling drug users into treatment.
This book focuses on the range of drug interventions now available at all stages in the criminal justice process that have been put in place to reduce drug-related offending. It comprises of a series of eight chapters from eleven authors who were all actively engaged in researching these new initiatives from criminological and criminal justice perspectives. Each chapter brings together theory, policy and research (including the author's own research) to provide a thorough review and analysis of the operation, impact and effectiveness of one or more drug interventions. A further chapter is dedicated to researching drug interventions in criminal justice. The book also contains a further resources section. Drug Interventions in Criminal Justice is a key text for students and academics in the fields of criminology and criminal justice, social policy and social work, health and social care, and addiction studies. It is essential reading for professionals and policy-makers working in for drug sector and criminal justice organisations.
Contributors: Anthea Hucklesby, Stuart Lister, George Mair, Gill McIvor, Matthew Millings, Ian Paylor, Layla Skinns, Alex Stevens, Paul Turnbull, Alison Wilson, and Emma Wincup.

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