Developing Thinking in Statistics

Binding: 7
Pages: 288
Pub Date: 08/02/2006
ISBN: 9781412911672
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Quick overview Designed to heighten awareness of statistical ideas, this comprehensive and research-based text explores four main themes: describing, comparing, inter-relating, and uncertainty.
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Statistics is a key area of the school mathematics curriculum where maths and the real world meet. Although potentially a subject where teaching can be motivating and relevant to everyday concerns, nevertheless it is often seen as boring and involving largely mechanical calculations. "Developing Statistical Thinking" will enable teachers and others interested in statistical thinking to become excited and inspired by the big ideas of statistics and, in turn, teach them enthusiastically to pupils aged 7-16. Designed to heighten awareness of statistical ideas, the book explores key themes within statistics using ideas developed by the influential team at the Open University's Centre for Mathematics Education. Themes include: measurement, variation, randomness, and uncertainty. Ideas are presented imaginatively through a variety of approaches, including ICT-based simulations and also through the medium of 'telling' stories and events. Arranged in an accessible task-based format, this is an essential text for secondary maths teachers and students of maths education. It is a comprehensive book that will illuminate and inspire interest in their subject; based on imaginative use of ICT, engaging narrative, firm research and good practice.

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