Developing Thinking and Understanding in Young Children: An Introduction for Students

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Pub Date: 13/01/2012
ISBN: 9780415609715
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Developing Thinking and Understanding in Young Children presents a comprehensive and accessible overview of contemporary theory and research about young children's developing thinking and understanding. Throughout this second edition, the ideas and theories presented are enlivened by transcripts of children's activities and conversations taken from practice and contemporary research, helping readers to make links between theory, research and practice. Each chapter also includes ideas for further reading and suggested activities. Aimed at all those interested in how young children develop through their thoughts and actions, Sue Robson explores: * theories of cognitive development * the social, emotional and cultural contexts of children's thinking * children's conceptual development * visual thinking * approaches to supporting the development of young children's thinking and understanding * latest developments in brain science and young children * the central roles of play and language in young children's developing thinking.
Including a new chapter on young children's musical thinking, expanded sections on self regulation, metacognition and creative thinking and the use of video to observe and describe young children's thinking, this book will be an essential read for all students undertaking Early Childhood, Primary PGCE and EYPS courses. Those studying for a Foundation degree in Early Years and Childcare will also find this book to be of interest.

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